• Windy City Riot 2014.

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  • Windy City Riot 2014.

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Welcome to Chicago.

The Windy City Riot is the trillest, the biggest, longest running street comp in America. We've got the biggest cash prize in real street, the sickest spots, the best homies, the finest women and awesome beaches along Lake Shore Drive. This is the real deal, the top bladers goin hard on the streets of Gotham for the cash and the glory. It's as pure as street skating gets, and it's all going down JULY 11th and 12th 2014, block that weekend off work/school/band-camp and get your ass to the CHI.

What's the story?

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    With steadfast financial support from THE PULL blade shop and occasionally other industry homie brands, the Windy City Riot board is grateful for years of support of all kinds. Should you wish to be associated with the radest street comp there is, get in touch using the contact form below. Thanks!


    This unique format has been refined and perfected over the years, bringing the whole Chi brotherhood together for the pre-WCR fundraiser comps/events/cookouts! It runs like this: Mini contests format, pay to enter, winner gets $50, the rest goes in the pot. Check out the schedule below.


    Spectators throwing down 5 bucks on the day, kind souls donating through PayPal online, and generous individuals who wanna through a little extra coin down, all make a huge difference in supporting something real, and making the WCR what it is.

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  • The Windy City Riot was started by Travis Conn and the VFW crew in 2002. Travis managed to pull some heavy sponsorship from Red Bull for the first two years of the Riot, resulting in a combined purse of about $7,000 between the two years. Once Red Bull pulled out, the Riot's direction was passed on to Collin Martin. In 2007, the Windy City Riot joined forces with the Roll Series and was given the honor of hosting the first ever Roll Series North America Finals. After a decade running the Riot, Collin handed the reins for 2014 to a committee of Seán Ó Dálaigh, John Adams and Ben Price.

    Since the inception of the Windy City Riot, every person who had won rode Rollerblade brand skates. Josh Jones, Josh Whitfield, Matthias St. John, Nick Uhas, Jeff Dalnas, and David Sizemore all skated Rollerblade. However, in 2008, the trend ended when Jeph Howard won in Razors. Then, in 2009, Steve Lerner won riding USD. Kruise Sapstein won in 2010 skating Remz and Travis Rhodes won skating Valos in 2011. Steve Lerner became the first competitor to win a second WCR title when he was crowned champion in 2012. As it currently stands, the WCR cup is up for grabs regardless of skate affiliation.

    There are a few things that make the Riot unique. First, each year there are alternative events in which people compete such as long-jump, high-jump, flat-land and occasionally dunking on a basket ball hoop. As it stands, the WCR records are as follows: High Jump - 58" (4' 10") with a tie between Travis Rhodes and Dwight Harding, Long Jump - 21' 5" by Travis Rhodes. Rory Melehan has won or tied in the flat land contest four times and there is no repeat winner for the dunk contest. Another way the Riot is unique is the after-parties. Over the years they've proven to be crazier than any other street contest. We know how to get down in the Chi.

Pre-WCR Fundraiser Schedule 2014.

MAY 3 - Logan

Host: Dan Moroney
Project Image

MAY 10 - Portage

Host: Dwight Harding
Project Image

MAY 17 - Piotrowski

Host: Paul Alanis
Project Image

MAY 24 - Rockford

Host: Tracy White
Project Image

MAY 31 - Schaumburg

Host: John Adams
Project Image

JUNE 7 - Roselle

Host: Gabe Talamantes
Project Image

JUNE 14 - (West Burbs)

Host: Collin Martin
Project Image

JUNE 21 - Wilson

Host: Joe Esquivel
Project Image

JUNE 28 - Buffalo Grove

Host: Chris McCorrmick
Project Image

JULY 5 - Burnham

Host: Seán Ó Dálaigh
Project Image


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So we'll see you in July, yeah?

News and updates.

There are a few news snippets below, but really you should just RSVP to the event, and stay tuned to the WCR official fb page, like Miley on her iPhone.

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