Official WCR 2014 Edit by Joe Esquivel

#Official Windy City Riot 13 “Forever bloody” from THE PULL on Vimeo.

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WCR 2014 Edit by Stak-N-Doe

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Steelo De Veeda Photos of WCR 2014

Steelo De Veeda has posted a variety of photos from the Windy City Riot 2014. Enjoy.

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Paul John Hair Flip Edit

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Sean Darst Wins Windy City Riot 2014!

The 13th Windy City Riot went down last weekend in Chicago, and the word on the ground is it was a tough street battle with some of America’s finest shredders. Be-mag will have more coverage of the event coming soon, but here are the full official results, as live voted by the WCR crowd at Logan Blvd Skatepark:

1st Sean Darst ($2,000)
2nd Adam Bazydlo ($500)
3rd Michael Froemling ($200)
4th Steve Lerner
5th Paul John
6th Egon Naab
7th Brian Arnold
8th Logan Clark
9th Chemi Simiyu

High Jump: Dwight Harding 57″ (WCR record is 58″ by Dwight Harding)
Flat Land: Rory Melehan
Friday City Race: Tracy White

Best Style: Sean Darst (2010, 2011, 2013, 2014)
Biggest Baby: Paul John
Old Man: Steve Lerner
Should Have Skated: Matt Ladewski
Worst Fall: Sean Kelso (Stiches in Chin)
Best Trick: Sean Darst (AO Fish on Slide Ledge)

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  • Jordan
  • Derek Bagley
  • Carson
  • Lindsey
  • Matt Brideau


  • Jordan Craig
  • Top Level Society
  • Lake Bluff Brewing
  • pbr
  • Sunshine Distribution
  • Valo_Them_Goods
  • Roller Warehouse